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Your position: Products >> Drug screening,the wind elections Series
ZDS700 Multifunction vibration sifter
Operating principle: The eccentric shaft moves continuously with action of connecting-rod and governor lever when powered on.Thus will filter out slices,big slices,gruff and medicine powder.
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XZ Supporting vibration sifter
Operating principle: The screen case moves is a uniform velocity circular motion horizontally, material will move to a down place,layer clarified screen cloth will process the material well.
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XZS Series high effeciency swirl vibration sifter
Application: This product is an ideal equipment extensively suitable for sieving powder and tiny grains in trades such as medicine,food,chemical industry,etc.
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FX400 Frequency conversion horizontal wind selector
Applications: Wind selector is one of the special machines that are used in processing of herbs and agricultural products.The materials can be separated accprding to their weight after going through the machine.
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SF Series conveying pigeonholes
Application: To pick out sundries from materials.
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