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Your position: Products >> Drying Series
Series hot breeze cycle oven
Structure character: Our factory is the domestic pioneer of hot breeze cycle oven.With development and several times generation upgrade,it comes to an advanced level of domestic and abroad.It uses saving steam or electric as heat source and heats air by exchanging heat with heating fan...
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GDC Esries drier set
Scope of application: GDC series drier set is a kind of continuous equipment with certain production scale.It can dewater dry materials like fine slices,bars and grains. It’s more suitable for herbal medicine drinking slice and dewater vegetable which needs...
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DW Series single-layer mesh-belt dryer
Description: This machine is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment applied for drying pieces strip and particles state materials with good ventilation. The machine is suitable for the materials such as dewatering vegetable, herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and others, for which the water contents are high and high drying temperature is not high...
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